POOL HEATERS: Some Basic Info

Outdoor swimming pools are traditionally quite expensive to heat because so much contained heat is lost due to evaporation. For instance, it takes 1 BTU to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree; but every time 1 pound of 80-degree water evaporates, 1048 BTUs are lost. Use of a pool cover will help to minimize this loss of heat, but not always to the extent where you may find the water is most comfortable for taking a dip.

There are solar-powered pool heaters and gas/electric pool heaters to better regulate your swimming water to pleasant, comfortable temperatures. These heaters operate by cycling the water past a heating element back into the pool. Heaters can be operated on a timer or manually, but most often a thermostat is used to turn on the heater when the water drops to a certain temperature. This is the more carefree way to ensure the water is right for a relaxing swim or dip in the pool.

A solar heater is by far the most cost-effective option for outdoor pool heating. Solar heaters can either be built onto an existing heating system or used independently. Because it generates its power from the sunlight, the energy a solar-powered heater costs is naturally minimized. The disadvantage, of course, is that an extended period of cloudiness and days of rain, making the water colder, can inhibit the effectiveness of the unit. And, of course, solar-power is not a true option if you happen to have an indoor pool.

Gas or electric pool heaters are more traditional and the most dependable means of ensuring that your outdoor or indoor pool's water temperature is adjusted to the level you prefer. Gas or electric heaters are built into your existing gas or electric system, heating the pool with power from those sources. Generally, the most cost-effective varieties of these units are the high-efficiency models; these can convert up to 97% of the energy used to heat pool water temperature.

Executive Heating & Cooling can guide you in choosing the best heating system for your needs and preferences whether you have an outdoor or an indoor pool. Most important, our staff has many years of experience installing and servicing swimming pool heaters and similar water-amenity heaters, including hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to help you make the right selection for your pool situation and are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of pool heater installations.