High-Pressure Air Systems: Integrated Performance and Beauty

The team at Executive Heating & Cooling is experienced in installing top-technology high-pressure HVAC systems. These “whole house” systems unify and match up heating, cooling and ventilation components for harmonious performance. This state-of-the-art approach to integrate HVAC elements is an excellent choice for homeowners or commercial property owners who not only want superior indoor air quality, but also seek décor-conscious solutions to their HVAC needs.

The benefits of such systems are plentiful. Our specialists will be pleased to consult with you about high-pressure air systems that are ideal for historic homes renovation, preservation goals of historic structures and for maintaining HVAC integrity for sophisticated commercial/architectural projects.

Highlights of the whole-approach HVAC system are captioned below:

  • Can be installed in any home or structure regardless of age, design or existing heating/cooling/ventilation system. Smaller, flexible ductwork can be installed in limited-space confines and is compatible with existing forms of ductwork such as:

- Electric heating
- Hot water heating
- Steam (and radiator-style) heating
- Baseboard heating
- Radiant in-wall and in-floor heating.

  • Rather than creating warmer/cooler spots in a home or building, high-pressure air systems use an aspirated approach to constantly blend and ventilate air to every location in the house/structure. This is compared to traditional systems and their companion ductwork that basically “discharge” or dump out volumes of forced air from outlet points (ex: wall registers). With traditional systems, this is what results in unwanted blasts or “pockets” of hot and cold of air.
  • Removes substantially more moisture from the air than conventional systems. Humidity levels are measurably decreased for very reliable, energy-efficient cooling.
  • The high-pressure air system is aptly named: The system is ultra efficient and pumps air approximately 2000 ft./minute for maximized ventilation. Comparatively, normal circulation systems pump at 500 ft./minute.
  • A major benefit is that the system eliminates the need for unattractive metal ductwork, offering visually aesthetic advantages. Virtually obscured HVAC components make such systems a perfect choice for preserving the original, unique look of historic or period homes/buildings – to permit retention of architectural style and integrity.
  • System eliminates drafts due to superior design and performance characteristics.
  • Extremely compact and very flexible ducting fits practically anywhere for a virtually non-noticeable appearance.
  • Sound-damping supply tubes can be run throughout any home, even when space is an issue; sound-deadening attributes make system operation near-noiseless.
  • Modular air handlers can be installed most anywhere; their comparatively miniature size allows ease of installation even in compromised-space situations.
  • Outlets come in several designs and sizes to accommodate installation; different finishes are available to coordinate your blend-into-décor objectives.

High-pressure air systems are engineered to be compatible with any home's current layout. Their compactness and unobtrusive ducts make them perfect for special situations and just as perfect for your special household or commercial setting. Their outstanding performance features and unique décor advantages are truly worth consideration.

If you are intrigued by the comfort, performance and attractiveness of high-pressure air systems, contact us for more information. We'll be delighted to share our product knowledge and successful experiences in recommending and installing such systems.